Professional Service at a Discounted Price

…making you look awesome!

With all the awesomeness that our students project, the haircut, trim, or hair care service you’re looking for will be the experience of your life! Be sure to ask about our awesome $1 weekly specials for ladies and gentleman! Another great reason for choosing Allstate Hairstyling & Barber College!

Services for Men Price Services for Women Price
Regular Haircut $6.00 Shampoo $2.50
Regular Haircut with Line-Up $7.00 Shampoo & Blow Out $10-12
School Boy with Line-Up $7.00 Style (Shampoo, Cut, Dry, Flat Iron) $16-20
Square Back $7.00 Hot Oil Treatment $7.00
Spike or Flat Top $7.00 Eyebrow Arch $3.00
Afro Shag $8.00 Rolling Cream Facial $3.00
Clipper Bald $6.00 Permanent/Relaxer $25-50
Razor Bald $8.00 Highlight (Bring Kit) $25.00
Clipper Face Shave $3.00 Color (Bring Hair Dye) $15.00
Hot Lather Shave $5.00
Beard Shape or Trim $3.00
Mustache Trim only $2.00
Razor Outline $6.00
Fade (Bald/Taper/Shadow) $9.00

Weekly Specials:

Tuesdays:  $1 hot lather shave/beard trim *with purchase of a regular haircut*
Wednesdays:  $1 shampoo/Eyebrows/Facial *with purchase of a regular haircut*
Thursdays:  $1 Facial *with purchase of a regular haircut*

Extra Services will be charged accordingly
Student Work – Instructor Supervised