5 Cuts You May Want to Try for Back to School

5 Cuts You May Want to Try for Back to School

Summer vacation has come to a close and you feel like you could shed some extra hair and bring in a new look for back to school. There are quite a few new and old hairstyles that are making moves this year. You can’t go wrong with any of our five cuts, just make sure you go to a good barber.

1. Short Cuts

Shorter haircuts are literally a shortcut when you’re talking about finding a new look for yourself. From crew cuts to bobs and fades, short cuts are great profile changers. We recommend getting your cut a little earlier if you go with a shorter length, that way it will start to grow in once it gets colder.

2. New Parts

If you aren’t ready to lob all your hair off just yet, why not go with a hairstyle that features a completely new part down your hair? You would be surprised at how drastic one can change their look just by shaping their hair into a new middle or side part. Your head might feel different, too, if you’ve been used to using the same part for years.

3. Natural/Messy Cuts

Less is better sometimes. Try going with a new hairstyle that doesn’t call for any hair products to pull off. Bed-head isn’t what we’re going for here, but some people naturally have frizzy and fluffy hair—this is what we’re going for! Tease your hair and go for that punk-slash-hippy care-free hairstyle!

4. The “Ryan Gosling”

Okay, there might be guys out there who really don’t care for Ryan Gosling, but it’s hard to deny the fact that he has something going with his hairstyle—trust us, women will love you, just go with it. To get this hair cut to work, you’ll need a medium fade with enough length on the top to give thick volume. Using a bit of pomade should keep everything in-place.

5. The Blowout

If you want a hairstyle that will instantly draw attention on you, this hairstyle delivers maximum height with volume. Virtually nobody else will be sporting this when you’re back at school and you’ll probably feel a bit more confident because of it. You’ll need hair that is long enough to go past the ears, preferably, a good blow-dryer, and a barber who can even out the length of your hair on all sides. Oh, and plenty of patience while applying the pomade/hairspray.
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