Why Visiting the Barber Can Get You an A+ for Back to School

Why Visiting the Barber Can Get You an A+ for Back to School

Starting the new school year off right includes shedding the old ‘you’ and taking on a fresh, new look.  Working out what you’re going to wear and all the new gear you’re going to incorporate into your look is only part of the story—you want to look good from head to toe.  Head to the barber and try out one of the top trending looks going into the new year.  If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t be afraid to ask your barber about hairstyling and how your face and head accommodates each one.

Here are some popular men’s haircuts that aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

The Undercut

This style is a mix of classy and a lot of fun.  The barber will shave the sides to about a two or three on most clippers to give a short, but full cut, while keeping the top long enough to comb to one side or slick backwards with hair gel.  This hairstyle also allows one to don a Mohawk, if they feel extra funky, or just left light and messy for a no fuss look.

Classic Haircut/Crewcuts

If you want to clean up good and return to a great starting hair length, getting the classic unified length on all sides leaves the door open to any future hairstyles you might want to try as your hair grows out.  This is great for looking more professional, and requires little to no maintenance.

Pompadour Fade

The pomp top is the star of the show here, and by incorporating a fade, it’s even more present.  This is not a hairstyle for the shy or reserved.  You choose this hairstyle and you’ve got to own it.

Medium Fade Crewcut

This haircut is similar to the classic cut but with shorter sides, blended into the longer top.  Those who love getting really clean edges with their haircut will want to get the medium fades.

Getting a Trim Up

Already got a haircut that you want to stick with through the start of school?  There’s nothing wrong with getting a little trim, you’d be amazed how different you feel when getting a trim every month or so.  Keep the style, but give yourself a little extra boost of confidence.

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